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                                                                                   across Kenya, in a bid to improve the
                                                                                   quality of life across the country.
                                                                                     In many of these communities,
                                                                                   the only source of light was kerosene
                                                                                   lamps, which create hazardous indoor
                                                                                   pollutants that are one of the biggest
                                                                                   causes of premature death across Africa.
                                                                                   Solar technology offers a healthier, more
                                                                                   efficient alternative.
                                                                                     ‘[We’re] using technology for good
                                                                                   and supporting the power of engineering
                                                                                   to improve lives and help to build a
                                                                                   cleaner future,’ says Helen McLintock,
                                                                                   director, Jaguar Land Rover. ‘Our
                                                                                   purpose is to make responsible business
                                                                                   relevant to everyone. By sharing our
                                                                                   skills, our technology, our people and
                                                                  LIGHTING UP LIVES
                                                                  WAS LAUNCHED     our passions, we can make a difference
                                                                  AT THE 2017
                                                                  HAY FESTIVAL.    to people’s lives and prosperity.’
                                                                  EXPLORER BEN       Lighting Up Lives is part of Jaguar
                                                                  SAUNDERS HELPED
                                                                  CELEBRATE BY     Land Rover’s drive to be more
                                                                  EXPLAINING THE
                                                                  KEY ROLE OF      sustainable and ethical. This includes
                                                                  SOLAR POWER      moving to 100% renewable energy
                                                                  IN HIS POLAR
                                                                  EXPEDITION       in its UK facilities.

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