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               1837                   AND EDWARD TETLEY
                                          THE YEAR THAT
                                         TEA FIRM TETLEY
                                         WAS FOUNDED BY
                                         BROTHERS JOSEPH

                                                                              THE FUTURE OF
                                                                              DRIVING: YOU
                                                                              WON’T OWN A CAR

                                                                              Imagine a future in which the only part
                                                                              of the car that you own is the steering
                                                                              wheel. It may seem far-fetched, but
                                                                              Jaguar Land Rover’s vision for 2040
                                                                              may well predict the future of driving.
                                                                                The company’s Sayer steering wheel
                                                                              lives in your home, rather than in your
                                                                              car. Its voice-activated, intelligent
                                                                              system would allow you to call on
                FOURTH YEAR OF CSR                                            your choice of car when you need it.
                                                                                In addition to this, it can search for
                EXCELLENCE FOR TCS                                            the best routes to take, plan when a
                                                                              car needs to arrive at your house, and
                                                                              suggest which parts of the journey you
                                                                              might want to drive yourself.
                                                                                Sayer is named after one of Jaguar’s
                Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been awarded Gold status in   most prominent designers, Malcolm
                the EcoVadis annual report on corporate social responsibility (CSR)   Sayer, who worked at the company
                performance across global companies. This is the fourth consecutive   between 1951 and 1970.
                year TCS has been awarded the honour.
                  This recognition highlights TCS’s commitment to sustainable business
                practices and to making a positive contribution to the communities in
                which it operates around the world. TCS was placed in the top 2% of all
                companies within the report.
                  ‘We’ve invested heavily in CSR and sustainability, whether in
                digital skills and adult literacy, or making sure our supply chain and   Jaguar Land
                procurement procedures are ethical and sustainable,’ Ajoy Mukherjee,
                executive vice president, TCS, said. ‘As a business that is having a major   Rover saves
                impact around the world through digital innovation, we want to make
                sure the wider communities we operate in also benefit.’
                  TCS has now reduced its carbon footprint by more than 9%, and    lives with solar
                has cut its emissions by 49% since 2007, helping the company edge
                closer to its target of a 50% total reduction by 2020. By March 2017,
                the business had supported 664,675 people around the world in
                areas such as digital skills and education, health and well-being,    Franklin Kishta, 14, lives in an off-grid
                and environmental sustainability.                           community in Kawala, Kenya. He
                  In January 2017, TCS also successfully completed the Together for   dreams of being an engineer one day,
                Sustainability audit, an in-depth analysis designed to create benchmarks
                for sustainable supply chains.                              but the lack of power made it difficult
                  David McClintock, marketing director, EcoVadis, said: ‘EcoVadis’s   for him to study. Now, he’s been given
                annual CSR assessment is a comprehensive analysis that looks at   a chance to achieve his goals.
                21 sustainability criteria across four themes. Receiving our Gold   ‘I finish all of my homework now,’
                recognition is a significant achievement. TCS has shown for the fourth   he says. ‘Before, I could not do it at
                year running an innovative and proactive approach to its CSR initiatives,   home when it was dark. I know my
                and the company is ranked in the top 2% globally.’          parents are much happier now, and
                  CSR is a big issue for the whole of Tata Europe. CSR initiatives include   so am I.’
                the Lady Tata Memorial Trust, which supports research into leukaemia   Franklin, and thousands of children
                and other blood diseases, the International Social Entrepreneurship   like him, are benefiting from Jaguar
                Scheme, which provides internships on corporate sustainability projects,
                and Tetley’s use of Rainforest Alliance certified farms.    Land Rover and ClimateCare’s initiative,
                                                                            Lighting Up Lives, to bring solar
                                                                            technology to off-grid communities

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