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                                                        �  THE E-TYPE ZERO         AT A GLANCE: THE TATA UNIVERSE
                                                          IS A RESTORED            ●  IT AND COMMUNICATIONS
                                                          1968 SERIES 1.5          ●  CHEMICALS
                                                        E-TYPE ROADSTER            ●  CONSUMER PRODUCTS
                                                                                   ●  SERVICES
                                                                                   ●  MATERIALS
                                                                                   ●  ENGINEERING
                                                                                   ●  ENERGY

                                                           Three new Fellows for

                                                           Tata and the Royal Society

                                                           Tata has o ered its support to the   we’re proud to be continuing our
                                                           Royal Society by appointing three   partnership with the Royal Society.
                                                           Royal Society Tata University   “Pioneering with purpose” is at
                                                           Research Fellows (URFs), as part of   the heart of the Tata ethos, so by
                                                           the intake of 43 new URFs for 2017.  supporting some of the brightest
                                                             The URF scheme aims to enable   minds in UK research, Tata is
                                                           outstanding young scientists to   helping to uncover the answers to
                                                           build an independent research   some of the most complex scientifi c
                                                           career. Each has the potential   questions in the world today.’
                                                           to be a leader in their chosen   The newly appointed research
                                                           fi eld, and all are expected to be   fellows are:
                                                           strong candidates for permanent
                                                           posts in universities at the end       Dr Adriana
                                                           of their fellowships.                  Paluszny Rodriguez
                                                             The 2017 fellows will be working     (Isogeometric
                                                           on a wide range of activities,         fracture growth
                                                           including detecting the particles      in heterogeneous
                                                                                                  media), Imperial
                                                           that make up dark matter using         College London
                                                           data from the Large Hadron
                                                           Collider; enabling robots to           Dr Rowan Leary
                                                           map and track 3D environments          (Understanding
                                                           for physical interaction; and          single-atom
                                                           understanding the degradation          catalysts by electron
                                                           mechanisms of fuel cells               microscopy),
                                                           and batteries.                         University of
                                                             Dr David Landsman, executive         Cambridge
                                                           director, Tata Limited, said: ‘Behind     Dr David Turton
                                                           many of the most important human       (Black holes in
                                                           advances is pure science, which        string theory and
                                                           enhances our understanding of the      holography),
                                                           world and forms the foundation         University of
                                                           for future innovations. That’s why     Southampton

                                      � THE E-TYPE
                                      ZERO’S LITHIUM-                                              THE LARGE HADRON
                                      ION BATTERY                                                     COLLIDER IS THE
                                      PACK HAS SIMILAR                                              WORLD’S LARGEST
                                      DIMENSIONS                                                 PARTICLE ACCELERATOR
                                      AND WEIGHT
                                      TO THE XK SIX-
                                      CYLINDER ENGINE
                                      USED IN THE
                                      ORIGINAL E-TYPE,
                                      EXCEPT THE
                                      NEW MODEL IS
                                      ELECTRIC (LEFT)

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