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                                      PER SPEC TIVE . TATA IN EU ROPE . ISSU E SIX

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                           CONNECTIONS                 TINY LITTLE SPARKS             INNOVATE TO SURVIVE
                    News and insights from the Tata universe  Disruption’s overrated. It’s time to   In a fast-paced world, companies
                                                    celebrate the ways in which innovation   need to react quickly to
                                 13                   can build a more sustainable world   technological change
                     Geoffrey Van Orden argues the case for      33                             51
                         strengthening ties with India       COLUMN                     CITIES FOR PEOPLE
                                                    There’s a shortage of skilled engineers in   The city of the future needs to
                                 14                  the UK. Dr Colin Brown explains what    cater to a diverse range of users
                              IN VIEW                  we can do to solve this problem
                        Take a peek inside Tata Europe’s                                        57
                             new buildings                      34                       FROM THE LABS
                                                         PITCH THE MAKE              Learning from the latest innovations
                                 20                 Lessons from a survey by the Institution
                      TRADE EXPECTATIONS            of Mechanical Engineers and Tata on the     61
                       Tata’s European operations are    state of the engineering sector    THINK ON
                       preparing for change after Brexit                             Food for thought for business leaders
                                 22                      CITIZENS RISING                        66
                            EURO MILLS                As technology changes our society,       Q&A
                       How millennials are getting their   what would a world where consumers   Genius Wong on the benefits to businesses
                        entrepreneurial voices across  become engaged and active look like?  of utilising cloud technology


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