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                                               DAVID LANDSMAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, TATA LIMITED,
                Tata Limited
                18 Grosvenor Place,            REPRESENTING THE TATA COMPANIES OF EUROPE
                London SW1X 7HS
                t 020 7235 8281
                                                                       As we enter 2018, the acronym ‘VUCA’
                Tata editorial panel                                   – ‘volatile, uncertain, complex and
                Kathryn Partridge                                      ambiguous’ – seems to describe our world
                (Tata Communications)                                  more appropriately than ever. Like so many
                Rob Simpson                                            acronyms – and, indeed, so many inventions
                (Tata Steel)
                Shalini Grover                                         we now take for granted – it originated with
                (Taj Hotels)                                           the military. But thanks to accelerating
                Yogesh Chauhan                                         technological innovation, political change
                (Tata Consultancy Services)                            and economic development, it reflects well
                Graeme Karavis
                (Tata Global Beverages)                                the challenges faced today by business,
                Richard Streeton                                       policymakers and society.
                (Jaguar Land Rover)                                      Our response to the VUCA world can’t be
                Vinay Rawat                                            to stick our heads in the sand or to wish for a
                (Tata Technologies)
                Richard Redman                                         return to the apparent certainties of previous
                (Tata Chemicals)                                       generations. The ‘good old days’ rarely were
                                                                       as rosy as they can appear to the memory.
                Corporate communications director                      Instead, we need to harness the opportunities
                Adam Barriball
                Head of network and projects                           the modern world brings, while preserving
                Martin Shaw                                            at the core a sense of purpose which is not
                Corporate affairs executive                            antiquated, but timeless.
                Tofayal Ahmed
                                                Organisations increasingly articulate their ‘mission’ going well beyond
                                               creating shareholder value. For Tata, that sense of purpose has been embedded
                Perspective © 2017.            in the very fabric of the business since our foundation 150 years ago this year.
                Published by Think             Our founder himself, Jamsetji Tata, placed philanthropy and community at the
                                               very heart of the business, using words that look surprisingly modern: ‘In a free

                                               enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in the business, but is
                                               in fact the very purpose of its existence.’ And with two-thirds of Tata Sons, the
                Think                          holding company, owned by the Tata (philanthropic) Trusts, shareholder value
                Capital House, 25 Chapel Street,   and purpose come together.
                London NW1 5DH
                t 020 3771 7200                 The irony is that, to achieve a timeless purpose, you have to be open to change.
            During the past 150 years, Tata founded India’s first domestic bank, steel plant,
                                               power plant and airline. It introduced insurance to the country in 1919, and
                Editorial                      built its first commercial vehicles and pioneered software development in 1968.
                Editor Richard Young
                Art director Dom Scott         Today Tata spans the globe – opening its first offices in the UK in 1907 – and
                Sub-editors Rica Dearman,      has interests in incredibly diverse fields, from salt to steel and tea to IT, not
                Charles Kloet, Marion Thompson  forgetting Jaguar Land Rover, Taj hotels and many others.
                                                This edition of Perspective focuses on the interaction between business and
                Account director Kieran Paul   society, from the changing nature of the urban environment to the renewal of
                Group account director Polly Arnold  the idea of citizenship; from brilliant examples of young entrepreneurs driving
                                               change for good to investment in new enterprises bringing jobs and purpose to
           ILLUSTRATION: KATE COPELAND  of Perspective magazine,    established organisations can thrive in a changing – and even a VUCA – world.
                                               communities. There’s plenty here to reassure us that, with a clear mission, long-
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