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ILLUSTRATION: KATE COPELAND  Tata Limited                         Welcome
                             18 Grosvenor Place,
                             London SW1X 7HS                      DAVID LANDSMAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, TATA LIMITED,
                             t 020 7235 8281
                             e             REPRESENTING THE TATA COMPANIES OF EUROPE
                                                                                                         For those of us who remember a dial-up
                             Tata editorial panel                                                        internet connection as an exciting journey
                             Kathryn Partridge                                                           into unimaginable possibilities, ‘digital’ can
                             (Tata Communications)                                                       still sound revolutionary and disruptive. But,
                             Damien Brook                                                                with a speed that we struggle to come to terms
                             (Tata Steel)                                                                with, this mindset is already approaching
                             Siddhartha Butalia                                                          obsolescence. As Tata Consultancy Services’
                             (Taj Hotels)                                                                CEO, N Chandrasekaran, puts it: ‘We are
                             Yogesh Chauhan                                                              moving rapidly to a state where the default is
                             (Tata Consultancy Services)                                                 digital.’ So, before long, there will be no need
                             Graeme Karavis                                                              to talk of ‘digital’ banking or ‘connected’ cars:
                             (Tata Global Beverages)                                                     it will be a given. My generation needs to be
                             Richard Streeton                                                            quick: the digital natives are already there.
                             (Jaguar Land Rover)
                                                                                                            Perhaps we are now coming to a tipping point:
                             Corporate communications director                                           a moment when every activity will be quantified,
                             Adam Barriball                                                              enhanced and connected using an exponentially
                             European affairs director                                                   increasing array of digital technologies, with the
                             Simon Meehan                                                                result that the processes that have been at the
                             Head of network and projects                                                heart of business for decades, if not centuries,
                             Martin Shaw                                                                 disappear once and for all into the background.
                             Corporate affairs executive             Consider the impact that big data, the internet of things and machine
                             Tofayal Ahmed                        learning (see page 46) are having on manufacturing. Tata Technologies
                                                                  has its own take on the so-called fourth industrial revolution (page 32) –
                             Strategic communications             factories that are digital by default and that will unlock new productivity
                             FTI Consulting                       and products through smart use of connected systems.
                                                                     Tata embraces almost every aspect of the industrial landscape, from
                             Perspective                          bulk chemicals to nanotechnology. So we have the chance to see first-hand
                             © 2016. Published by Think           how the boundaries between manufacturing and services have become
                                                                  blurred, multiplying opportunities but also radically changing the way we
                             Think                                must think about the economy. We know that Google and Apple aspire to
                             Capital House,                       become part of the automotive sector; Jaguar Land Rover is also rapidly
                             25 Chapel Street,                    becoming part of the IT sector (we look at one dimension of that on page 52).
                             London NW1 5DH                       ‘Digital’ is no longer the preserve of one sector, but has to be the common
                             t 020 3771 7200                      language of all, including the most traditional industries, such as steel.
                                  As you read this, other issues – like the outcome of the UK’s EU
                                                                  referendum or the pressing concerns of some European industries, such as
                             Editorial                            those affecting Tata Steel – may appear higher on the daily news agenda.
                             Editor Richard Young                 But there isn’t a more important time for digital, with all the challenges
                             Art director George Walker           and almost infinite potential it brings, to feature in the considerations of
                             Designer Alix Thomazi                policymakers and business alike. More than ever before, we need to harness
                             Chief sub-editor Charles Kloet       the pioneering spirit, but also the enduring values, that have seen us through
                                                                  past technological revolutions, to chart a way to the future.
                             Management                              I hope you enjoy this edition of Perspective. Do let us know, and, if you have
                             Senior account manager Kieran Paul   any thoughts about topics we might cover in future editions, please get in
                             Group account director Polly Arnold  touch via the editorial team at

                             Cover illustration James Taylor
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