November 12, 2018

TCS partners with ENGIE Laborelec to protect critical infrastructure against cyber attack

Tata Consultancy Services pairs up with the research centre to develop new cyber security solutions for the utilities sector

Brussels | Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organisation, has announced a new partnership with ENGIE Laborelec, a leading utilities research centre and part of the ENGIE Group. The partnership will focus on developing new products and services for the utilities sector to deliver protection against emerging cyber security threats.

The utilities sector, which forms a critical structural component of every economy, is currently on a digital transformation journey which promises immense value creation, but also raises new risks. Operational technology (OT) systems, which traditionally operated in silos, are increasingly connected through shared infrastructure, the cloud and Internet of Things ecosystems. While this is helping utilities move beyond the limitations of their OT, improve operational efficiency and unlock new revenue streams, it also makes them vulnerable to security breaches by malicious actors.

The collaboration between TCS and ENGIE Laborelec will bring together the expertise of two industry leaders in their respective domains to create unique value for the utilities sector. TCS has been the preferred digital transformation partner for progressive utilities across the world, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of cyber security services — advisory, assessment, implementation and management — to protect clients against emerging threats in a new interconnected environment. ENGIE Laborelec has experience working across the energy value chain: from generation, transmission and distribution to storage and end-use.

The partnership will also help prepare the industry for the European Union’s recently implemented National Infrastructure Security (NIS) Directive. The NIS Directive is the first piece of EU-wide legislation on cyber security and has special provisions for organisations providing critical services such as energy, water and digital infrastructure.

“ENGIE Laborelec has a unique methodology in industrial control systems cyber security, which is based on more than 10 years of hands-on experience, international networking, co-operation and compliance with internationally recognised standards organisations. Together with Tata Consultancy Services, we will enhance global customer resilience and reduce the risk of emerging cyber threats against critical energy infrastructure,” explained Olivier Vandelaer, director of cyber security at ENGIE Laborelec.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution presents businesses with new opportunities for growth and transformation. Utilities looking to succeed in the Business 4.0 world are creatively using technology to leverage new ecosystems and create exponential value for customers. To succeed, they must build these on a robust foundation of digital security,” said Satish Thiagarajan, global head, cyber security practice, TCS. “Our deep experience in cyber security, built up from servicing more than 250 global customers across different industries, combined with ENGIE Laborlelec’s sectoral expertise, will provide utilities the cybersecurity solutions they need to protect themselves in a connected world.”