July 2017

Talking cars

Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors showcase connected car technology advancements with UK Autodrive test and demonstrate how multiple makes of a car can use their systems to 'talk' to each other

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC), along with Ford, demonstrated their connected car technologies in Nuneaton, UK, recently as part of the UK Autodrive project.

UK Autodrive is the first project in the UK to showcase the benefits of the technology which demonstrates how multiple makes of a car can use their systems to ‘talk’ to each other.


The demonstration showcased the following technologies:

  • Emergency Vehicle Warning: Sends a signal from emergency vehicles to connected cars to tell the driver that the vehicle is approaching and to take appropriate action.
  • Intersection Collision Warning: Warns the driver when it is unsafe to enter an intersection, due to a high probability of collision with other vehicles.
  • In-vehicle Signage: Sends information about road conditions, congestion or other incidents directly to the in-car display, rather than having to rely on expensive gantry systems.

JLR also demonstrated its Autonomous Urban Drive technology at the event. An automated Range Rover Sport fitted with the prototype technology navigated its way around an urban-style road network, successfully negotiating roundabouts and junctions while also steering around obstacles.

The first set of public road trials will now take place in Milton Keynes and Coventry in November 2017, initially on segregated sections of roads, before evolving into open road trials and demonstrations in the summer of 2018.

David Hudson, TMETC’s chief engineer for advanced engineering, commented, “The UK Autodrive project has provided us with a great opportunity to demonstrate our research into features that will improve road safety for all. This project is unique in that it is the first time that different vehicle manufacturers have proved that their cars can successfully communicate with each other, and we would like to thank our OEM partners, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover, for their participation in the project”.