November 2015

Tata in Europe: Partnering a continent

Tata group's association with Europe is strengthened and deepened with constant investments in its economy, community and people

The Tata engagement with Europe began in 1907, when Tata Limited was established in London. It was the group's first overseas office and it marked the commencement of a relationship that has blossomed in the century and more since.

Today there are 19 Tata companies operating in Europe, with a combined workforce of more than 60,000 people across the continent. Among the many Tata enterprises making a mark in what remains one of the world's most important markets are Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Steel and Taj Hotels. The extensive and diverse business spread created and nurtured by Tata has turned the group into a powerhouse in Europe.

This special report looks at various facets of the Tata association with Europe. There is the business component of it, where group companies are continually investing to expand their reach and strengthen their operations. Then there is the commitment to people and communities, manifested through initiatives in spheres like skills development and innovation, through volunteering programmes and other social development initiatives that touch the lives of many.  

One hundred and eight years… and counting

Today, the Tata group is combining its heritage and values with ground-breaking innovation to create a regional powerhouse in Europe

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Building a new Europe

Infrastructure investment is a priority for businesses in Europe - new facilities offer jobs, regeneration and an industrial base for the future

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Innovation agenda

Tata is betting big on innovation in Europe, too, where the group's businesses place a high priority on research and development

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Beyond the present lay long-term gains

Tata is working alongside key influencers to lend a helping hand to Europe, as it struggles to retain its position in the new global economic order

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The skills challenge

There's new interest in formal skills development in Europe - and the Tata group is playing its part

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Putting people first

Caring for the community is part of the Tata ethos and this is reflected in the group's approach in Europe as well

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Time for Tata to think Germany

Europe's largest economy, geographic centre and manufacturing powerhouse, Germany exerts a strong pull for global businesses such as Tata

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