February 08, 2013

Tata Social Enterprise Conference challenges the status quo of traditional business models

In December 2012, the Tata Social Enterprise Conference took place in London. The annual one-day event was designed to challenge the existing condition of traditional business models and inspire a call to action. Participants were taken on a journey to engage with innovative ideas, trends and people within social enterprise.

The day was filled with talks, including a keynote address from Liam Black, the former CEO of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, panels and interactive workshops, where students got the tools to examine their own initiatives and agendas. The event worked with students to build on their knowledge of social enterprise and gave them an insight into the personal experiences of the speakers.

Yogesh Chauhan, director of corporate sustainability, Tata Consultancy Services, also addressed the audience.

Watch a video of the event at www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fRJ3yvjms0&list=PLRlyFKwb3SHAQZZ1y2A2nIXuynn_J5xOc&index=8