December 2013

'Business not as usual' at Tata Social Enterprise Conference

A 'one of its kind' event in the UK, the Tata Social Enterprise Conference, sponsored by Tata since 2010, provides an opportunity for students and graduates to immerse themselves in the world of 'business not as usual' and to challenge the status quo of traditional business models.

The Tata Social Enterprise Conference 2013, based on the theme 'Unleashing Ideas That Change The World - Expect The Unconventional', was attended by almost 200 enterprising delegates from around the country and beyond, with a delegation attending from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. The students learnt about innovative ideas, trends and people within businesses that are addressing some of the world's most pressing problems and interacted with 25 speakers through talks, panels and workshops.

The one-day event is a joint project developed by NACUE and Tata and seeks to showcase pioneering young social entrepreneurs who are creating and running disruptive social enterprises. The conference connects students and graduates to leading social entrepreneurs, who are ready to impart their knowledge and empower the young delegates to start their own social enterprises, inspiring and equipping new generations of social entrepreneurs and passionate innovators to develop new solutions to social problems.

Jaguar Land Rover's CSR director, Jonathan Garrett, gave a keynote speech on Tata values, reflected in Jaguar Land Rover's commitment to sustainability and the recently launched Environmental Innovation Strategy. To watch a video of an interview with Mr Garrett at the conference, please click here.

David Landsman, executive Director of Tata Limited, said: "It's encouraging to see that despite a challenging economic backdrop, young entrepreneurs are focused on the impacts of business beyond profit. Global businesses can learn from social enterprise start-ups, and vice versa. We're certainly up for the conversation."

To watch a video with highlights of the conference, please click here.