• Core chemistry

    Chemicals vital for industry, food and animal nutrition are a part of Tata Chemicals Europe's portfolio

  • Iconic wheels

    The world's best-loved luxury cars, SUVs and 4x4s roll off Jaguar Land Rover's UK assembly lines

  • Heart of hospitality

    Unique hotels and gourmet dining experiences are what the Taj offers in the UK

  • Smart solutions

    Tata companies operate at the leading edge of the IT, communication and technology fields

  • Green steel

    Tata Steel Europe, UK's leading steelmaker, works to reduce carbon footprints of its plants as well as its products

  • Basket of beverages

    Some of Europe's oldest and most popular tea and coffee brands are produced by Tata Global Beverages

Europe news
  • Tata in Europe

    This film takes a look at the breadth and scale of Tata companies in Europe, the innovative products and services Tata employees create, and the investment that Tata group makes in developing young talent

  • Tata InnoVista

    The European edition of Tata InnoVista 2016 saw presentations on inspiring innovations by various Tata companies across Europe with the best ideas being awarded

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